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Our Product Range

Yellow Granite
The Yellow Granite is a 300mm to 1.5 meter rock. It is best suited to facades in modern homes with a smooth texture and neat finish it adds a natural element to today's modern landscaping designs
Honeycomb Moss
The Honeycomb Moss has a unique honeycomb finish with intricate little dimples in its texture. It can come as a flat rock type or boulder it is a perfect suit for retaining and landscaping.
Blue Basalt
The Blue Basalt is a hard textured rock with sharp edging. The best use for this particular rock is for construction because of its high density. Another great thing about this particular rock is the sharp edges allow an interlocking effect which makes this a popular beaching rock.
The Sandstone has a smooth reddish coloured finish. It is a beautiful rock to place around a pooled or landscaped area with traffic. It has not rough edges and can add a very refined finished look to projects.
Yellow Pebbles
The Yellow Pebbles are also known as river pebbles. They are a roughly 50mm in size and are smooth decorative rock. This decorative rock is great for water projects such as wetlands and ponds.
Multicolour Pebbles
Another type of commonly known river pebble offers a great variety in colour such as grey, maroon and black. They are similar to yellow pebbles and great for decorative water projects and the colour range allows you to coordinate with the other colours in your projects surroundings.
Silver Granite
The Silver Granite has a size of 300mm to 2 meters. This large rock is a brilliant grey and will offer a shimmery sand sparkle in the sunlight. It is excellent for decorative retaining styles and could also be used as a feature rock and talking piece in your project.
The Mudstone ranges from 300mm to 2 meters. This flat type of rock is smooth and maroon in colour it is an excellent rock for pooling as it provides a lavish exquisite look.
The texture of the Hornsfeld is a combination of rough and smooth. It sizes from 300mm to 1.5 meters. This rock is used for decorative and construction and has excellent long lasting durability.