Rock Haulage Pty Ltd

We'll haul and source it all!

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About Us

Welcome to Rock Haulage...

A proudly family owned company built on a great service and expertise for over 25 years. Our passion is turning raw material into something special from scenic landscape gardens to strong effective retaining walls; we'll haul and source it all. We specialize in landscape rocks, pebbles and stones in varying colours shapes and sizes as well as excavation services.

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Our Products

A diverse selection of products...

Suited to major works or projects with a decorative style and feel. Our featured rocks have been sourced state wide, from various locations which Rock Haulage have been affiliated with for many years. The products are sought after and their locations have been researched making them popular products in our portfolio. View landscape rocks listed on our products page in our contracted projects.

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Contracted Projects

Experience means we can deliver...

Our contracted projects can be found all around Victoria and incorporate most of our products listed. We have sourced all the products for our contracted projects and in some instances also provided our construction services for the build. These projects provide great insight into how these products can be utilized in your next project.

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